Q: What is a Strife Coin đź”—

What is a Strife Coin

Strife coin, or $STFR, is Strife’s currency. Built in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, more precisely in Rally ecosystem, Strife coin is our key to build an engaging community. We’ll be rewarding our fans and empowering the community .

What can you do with them You can spend your $STFR in our store. You get a 10% discount store wide when you pay with $STFR.

Also, just having Strife coin in your account has benefits. This is known as holding a coin. Currently, holding Strife coin in your account will net you three benefits.

  1. Whenever we create a raffle for CSGO skins, fans that have at least 100 $STFR in their account will automatically be entered in the raffle.
  2. Having an amount of 50 $STFR will give you the exclusive role of “Supporter” in our discord channel.
  3. Lastly, Rally has a reward system in place for fans that have coins of their favorite creators. Every week, Rally’s algorithm decides which coins are entered in their reward system. Fans holding those coins will receive a certain amount of Rally coin according to the percentage they were holding. You can then use the Rally coin and transform them into your favorite creator’s coin, which is of course $STFR. For more information about this system, you should visit the “Community Rewards” section in Rally’s FAQ.

How to get Strife Coin

The main way you can get $STRF is to buy them on our creator page. Purchases may be made using a credit/debit card or major cryptocurrencies, including $RLY.

You can also get $STFR by participating in our different giveaways, interacting with our content creators and more. Check out our Discord to stay up to date!

Contact us

The best way to contact us is through our Discord channel

If you need help, you can contacts us at support@strife.team

For any business inquiries, write to business@strife.team